Specialising in CAD and IT Support Services for Architects


Whilst in some instances the phrase "it's quicker to draw it by hand" may be true, in most cases there is an appropriate method for achieving the right result using CAD. CADability specialises in finding the right technology for the right job and recommends traditional methods where appropriate.

CADability has built up a good working relationship with architects in and around Berkshire, and understands the specific needs of architectural practises both in  terms of architectural services and general IT requirements.

We are  experienced with all aspects of architectural drafting in all design stages, ranging from design, through planning to final building regulation and working drawings. We have built up many years' experience within residential, commercial and industrial sectors. We work with a team of sub-contractors, together providing  a broad range of skills. 

We seek to maintain a high standard of presentation and continue to explore new ways of improving drawing quality, utilising the latest technology available.

Our Information Technology services are tailored to the specific needs of architectural practices, including assistance with the choice, purchase and  installation of appropriate computer equipment and software. Recent additions to our IT services incorporate high speed broadband internet access together with software technology developed by Concordant Systems Limited enabling a range of features including remote online technical support, remote nightly data file backup, customisable email routing, web hosting etc. 

 If you would like to know more, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Contact : Neil McDonald - neil@cadability.co.uk